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Data from all Environmental Protection Authority systems, including all current proposals under referral and assessment, as well as historical data, will be migrated into Environment Online.

The migration will commence at 5:00pm (AWST) Friday 29 September 2023, with data available to view in the Environment Online portal from 9.00am (AWST) Monday 2 October 2023.
The Environment Online portal will be unavailable during the migration.

As we work through the migration process, there may be some anomalies in how data is displayed as we map to new fields and work through how historical data has been captured. However, we assure you it will not impact the quality of our assessment processes.

The data migration brings together over 30 years of data into a single system and begins the journey in creating the most comprehensive view of a project to date. It offers significant benefits to proponents in having data in one location, which allows them to manage referrals, receive live status updates, and track proposals in real time.

The Environment Online Program is also continuing optimisation, working on core regulatory capabilities, and reviewing the functionality to be built in future releases, which will include enhanced opportunities for stakeholder involvement.
We look forward to sharing what’s next for the Environment Online program and continuing to work with our stakeholders in this exciting next phase.

The Environment Online Support Team are available for those requiring assistance via or 1800 161 176 (8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday).
Environment Online Chatbot