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The planned migration of data from all Environmental Protection Authority systems, including all current proposals under referral and assessment, as well as historical data, was successfully deployed over the weekend.

The data migration brings together over 30 years of data into Environment Online and begins the journey in creating the most comprehensive view of a project to date. It offers significant benefits to proponents in having data in one location, which allows you to manage referrals, receive live status updates, and track proposals in real time.

Following the data migration there may be some anomalies in how data is displayed, however we assure you it will not impact the quality of our assessment processes.

Some proponents may also receive email notifications regarding the status of their applications.

If you believe the status of your applications has been changed incorrectly, or need assistance registering for Environment Online, please contact the Environment Online Support Team via or 1800 161 176 (8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday).

Environment Online Chatbot